How to Use Pinterest for Business

Add save buttons to your site

If you want people to take action, you have got to make it easy for them to do so. Since adding a save button to your website lets people to Pin your content with just a click, even though they do not have the Pinterest browser button installed, it could be no surprise that doing so could quintuple the number of content Pinners save from your site.

You could choose to use automatic buttons—in which case a clickable Pinterest Save button will appear on each image on your site—or hover buttons, which will appear only when someone hovers their mouse over the images. Or, you could choose to add a Pinterest Save button only to a specific image on your site.

You could create your Pinterest Save buttons using the Pinterest Widget Builder. You will find step-by-step instructions, learn more about how to use social save & share buttons in our post on social media buttons for every network.

Pin consistently

Pinterest suggests that you Pin something at least once per day, during peak times—which they have found to be evenings and weekends for U.S.-based brands. Pinterest highlights that consistency is key—if you are going to post a large number of posts over the course of a week, divide them up & post several per day rather than posting them all at once.

If you are creating Pins to coincide with an upcoming holiday, season, or event, you could start posting them about 45 days in advance.

Focus on great visuals

Pinterest is a highly visual medium, so it is worth the effort to create quality imagery. Your photos could be clear, well-lit, well-composed, and—most importantly—in concentrate. If you do not have the time, the tools, or the skills to create imagery of your own, there’re plenty of stock photography websites with quality photos you could use.

Think about creative ways to showcase your product & your brand visually. After studying the performance of 50,000 promoted Pins, Pinterest found that lifestyle images outperform product images. For example, fashion & style Pins showing products in use in real life saw 30% more clickthroughs& 170 percent higher checkout rates than those showing the product alone.

For instance, this Pin from Hunter Boots showcases how their boots could be worn, rather than offering a plain close-up of the boots themselves.

Eighty percent of Pinners use the Pinterest app to access the network on mobile devices, so images could be optimized for a small screen. Vertical images are your best bet since they give you more real estate to work with. The image ratio could be up to 1:2.8, but 2:3 is ideal,which means your image should be 600 x 900 pixels. If the image is taller than 1560 pixels, it will get cut off.

Adding a few words of text to your images could help give an immediate idea of what the linked content is all about. For instance, food-related Pins that include a short text call-out get 23 percent more clickthroughs & 31 percent more saves. But do not go overboard, since Pinterest specifically recommends avoiding images that are too busy. This Pin from Kraft Foods uses the right amount of text:

A jiggly take on a Christmas classic, JELL-O Candy Cane JIGGLERS are an easy addition to the holiday dessert repertoire. Simply use any red flavor of JELL-O Gelatin & a cookie cutter to create the desired candy cane shape for your JIGGLERS, and dress them with COOL WHIP Whipped Topping. Super simple. Super fun!

Hootsuite’s Enhance photo editor app is an easy method to add a few words of text & your logo to an image and to automatically crop it to the optimal size for a Pin.

Finally, keep in mind that you could create multiple Pins with different images that point to the same webpage. This isn’t only allowed, but encouraged, since different images could appeal to different audiences.


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