Tag Subscribers Who Open Your Emails – New in Campaigns!

You have written a compelling message, formatted it perfectly and crafted a high-converting email. You have loaded it into your automated campaign, and some leads and sales start rolling in.

Making sure your subscribers who open your emails receives the perfect follow-up is a way to keep your prospects moving towards a purchase.

With the release of open automation in AWeber, you could tag subscribers who open your messages in Campaigns. This opens up new opportunities to segment subscribers, trigger automated re-engagement emails & build the perfect marketing funnel.

Using open automation, along with the recently launched click automation, you could take AWeber to the next level. Keep reading to learn how to use the new feature.

How could I use open automation?

There’re quite a few valuable use cases for open automation, from sending more targeted one-time emails to subscribers who do/don’t open automated emails to setting up more advanced re-engagement funnels.

Send one-time broadcast emails to subscriber segments that did open

Open automation allow you to apply/remove tags when an email open is recorded for a subscriber. You could then build a segment of subscribers that do or do not have tags. Then, create & send one-time broadcast emails to segmented audiences.

This is most useful when you wish to manually send relevant promotional/re-engagement emails to subscribers who did/didn’t open an email within a welcome series, or another automated campaign. You could build a segment that combines the “open” tag with other criteria, like the date a subscriber was added, the geolocation of the subscriber, custom field values/how they were added to the list.

Stop a plan when a subscriber opens an email

Click & open automation allow you to remove a subscriber from a campaign when they take a certain action. For instance, if a subscriber clicks a link in an email, you may wish to use click automation to stop the campaign for that subscriber. The same logic could apply if your subscriber opens an email.

You could use this functionality to send re-engagement emails to non-openers at the end of a plan.

Firstly, create your automated campaign. At the end of your plan, create an open automation that stops the plan if a subscriber opens the final message. Now, add additional re-engagement emails to the same campaign & add open automation to them as well. Subscribers will continue to receive your message when they open.

Trigger re-engagement campaigns using open automation & the wait action

A more advanced solution of sending re-engagement emails is to set up plans that are triggered based on multiple tags.

By doing this, you could set up more complex, timed re-engagement emails to the subscribers.

For example, you could send a reminder email to people who did not open one of the lessons in your email course. To accomplish this, you may send a single welcome email followed by a second message with lesson 2.

Tag the subscribers “opened-second-email” if they open the second message.

Set a wait time of three days & then apply a new tag: “send-to-non-openers.”

Create a plan that is triggered when a subscriber has the tag “send-to-non-openers,” but doesn’t have the tag “opened-second-email.” This will deliver a new plan to subscribers after that three days wait time if they did not open the second message.

You can create a variant of this to send a custom email to subscribers who did open the second message, simply by setting your trigger criteria to combine the tag applied after the wait, and the tag applied for opening that second email.

Keep engaged subscribers happy by delivering more useful & contextual content, and re-engage non-openers with the perfect follow-up message.

How do I get started?

Using click & open automation in AWeber’s Campaigns is simple! When choosing a message within a Campaign, you will have the option to add an automation.

Firstly, select your automation trigger. (You will have the option to select a click or open automation trigger.) Select “Opens the message.”

Now, select “Apply Tag” as your action.

Enter what tags you would like to add or remove if a subscriber clicks this link.

Optionally, you could elect to remove a subscriber from the entire automated campaign if they opened the message.

For more detailed instruction, please visit our Knowledge Base.

How are opens tracked in AWeber?

At AWeber & most email service providers, an open is tracked by loading a 1×1 pixel image in your subscriber’s email. This is just available when sending HTML emails.

For an open to be tracked, this image must be loaded. As a result, certain opens may not be recorded if a subscriber has not enabled images within their email client, like Gmail. Some email clients will let your subscribers enable images automatically on all emails, while others require enabling on every individual email.

Other email clients might pre-load the email & tracking pixel in a preview pane, or upon receipt. This might record an open in AWeber, when in fact, this message has yet to be opened. At AWeber, we treat clicked links as an implied open, so if an open has yet to be tracked, however, a link is clicked, we will then track the open.

Please keep these conditions in mind as your construct your automation & campaigns.


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