Supercharge Your Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier and AWeber

Supercharge Your Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier and AWeber

Are you successfully generating qualified leads with FB Lead Ads?

Growing your audiences with FB advertising is about to get a lot easier!

Using Zapier, you could now automatically retrieve new lead information from FB to AWeber.

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Many marketers are finding big success building awareness & growing their email list using FB ads. Facebook’s robust ad platform lets you hyper-target your ideal audiences, build custom audiences with retargeting & list-matching/construct similar audiences based on people who already love your products, services & content.

With FB Lead Ads, the user is never taken away from the FB news feed. A form within FB is prompted if the user clicks your ad & the opt-in can occur right within the feed. This is incredibly convenient for both FB, the user & the marketer.

As a marketer, this saves you time, effort & money as you will no longer need custom landing pages to complement every ad. With the right creative

& copy, your lead ads can higher conversion rates than traditional ads directing to a landing page!

Supercharging your Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier

You could use FB Lead Ads with AWeber by downloading a CSV file of lead information from FB & manually importing them to the AWeber list of your selection.

While this will work just fine, it is… well… manual.

New subscribers will not receive your welcome email—a promised incentive, if you offered one—until you manually import them. This delay could be disruptive to the subscriber experiences. Welcome emails are typically the most opened & engaged emails you will send, partly because they’re sent when a subscriber’s attention & interest in your content has peaked.

This is where automation could help optimize your email funnel.

Using Zapier leads are automatically passed to AWeber. You don’t need to manually pull the list & import it daily, weekly, or even hourly—you can use Zapier to send that same lead information to other apps like Google Sheets, Airtable, a CRM or one of 750+ compatible apps. (No, that is not a typo.)

Once the subscriber is added, they will begin receiving your awesome content via AWeber’s email automation selections.

This week, Facebook & Zapier teamed up to make this integration even easier for marketers.

You can now select & connect to AWeber directly from FB while setting up your Lead Ads. This requires a Zapier account. The option to choose AWeber during ad setup will help you build & execute campaigns more efficiently, no coding/technical skills required.

With automatic lead retrieval, new subscribers hear from you quicker & you will have more time to invest in what matters most—developing your business.

How to set up AWeber with Facebook Lead Ads & Zapier on our Knowledge Base. Get began with one of the best apps.

How to get started

We have updated our Knowledge Base article to help you set up AWeber with Facebook Lead Ads & Zapier.

It is necessary to note that FB Lead Ads is a Premium zap, which requires a paid subscription to Zapier. There’s a 14-day trial to see if it’s right for you.

AWeber’s Zapier integration isn’t a Premium zap. You can experiment with integrating AWeber with hundreds of zaps using a Free account plan.

Please confirmed opt-in is turned on for AWeber integrations. It could be changed to single opt-in. Contact our customers success team to discuss single opt-in options when using Zapier, other trusted integrations.



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